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At Coker we know that you want to be in community and feel connected to others. Since 1883, we have been helping people connect into life-giving community. One of the ways we do that is by inviting you to join an online, on-demand, or in-person group. Various groups are offered throughout this year. See class listings and sign-up below or, for more information, e-mail Rev Damon Relder at

Note: If you are new to Coker please register for our next Connecting at Coker HERE (Log-In Information will be sent to you). Most of our classes are free or ask you to purchase certain materials. For details on any classes or how to best connect, contact:

Connecting at Coker

FOR THOSE NEW TO COKER: Connecting at Coker (A one time class offered the last Sunday of the month from 10:15-11 am)

At Coker, we know that you want to be in community. In order to do that, you need a church that helps you feel connected. The problem is that churches can be hard to navigate which makes you feel alone in the crowd or without clear next steps. We believe you deserve to be welcomed, seen, known, and walked with. We understand that making friends at church can be hard which is why, since 1883, we have been helping people connect into life-giving community. Here’s how we do it: We invite you to attend a Connecting at Coker Class and we invite you to join a group and/or class within Coker. Class information is listed below, register for the class that best fits your schedule! If you are new to Coker, register HERE for our next Connecting at Coker Class.

Support Groups

Support Groups

Coker offers support groups throughout the week. Click Here to see the list of classes available, days, and times. Note: Nursery is available Tuesdays and Thursdays.


In-Person: Coker Kids & Coker Students
For details on Coker Kids, contact Megan Rosales, Director of Children’s Ministry at and Coker Student Sunday happenings, contact Pastor of NextGen Ministries, Rev. Clay Smallwood at 


Online & In-Person: Sunday School Classes
Led by: Various Teachers
Sunday school classes are currently meeting throughout the day on Sundays and throughout the week. For times, days, log-in details, and to know which class is a good fit for you- reach out to 


Asynchronous Study Fall 2023 to Spring 2024
Self-led Study
The Life of Paul – a chronological study of both the Book of Acts from Chapter 8 intermingled with all of the letters associated with Paul. A 24-week study available only online with no live class. There will be more details on how to collaborate with others who are walking through the class as well. Class will start in September. For additional details, reach out to 



Monday classes and events can be found on


Tuesday classes and events can be found on



Wednesday classes and events can be found on


IN-PERSON: Noon Bible Study

Location: WH804
Dates: ongoing
Time: 12 pm
Description: Did you know there is one class that has been meeting almost weekly for nearly 20 years now? Somewhat hidden but always powerful and occasionally filled with laughter, this class has been meeting on Thursdays at noon on campus in Wesley 804 for years. No book other than your Bible is needed as the class is an open discussion look at the passage which will be used by the pastors for their sermon on the upcoming Sunday. The Scripture of the day is read aloud and the opening questions is always “What are your first thoughts?” usually followed by details about Hebrew or Greek, questions about history or culture, and ending up with “What difference does all this make to my faith?” Come join us any time you can.
Materials: Bring your bible
Class Contact: Please email Pastor Damon,


Friday classes and events can be found on

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