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At Coker we know that you want to be in community and feel connected to others. Since 1883, we have been helping people connect into life-giving community. One of the ways we do that is by inviting you to join an online, on-demand, or in-person group. Various groups are offered this Spring. See class listings and sign-up below or, for more information, e-mail Rev Damon Relder at

Note: If you are new to Coker please register for our next Connecting at Coker HERE (Log-In Information will be sent to you). Most of our classes are free or ask you to purchase certain materials. The Institutes offered in conjunction with Asbury Seminary are College level courses so tuition fees do apply for those. For details on any classes or ho ot best connect, contact:

On Demand

FOR THOSE NEW TO COKER: Connecting at Coker (Online, a one time class offered monthly)

At Coker UMC we know that you want to be in community. In order to do that, you need a church that helps you feel connected. The problem is that churches can be hard to navigate which makes you feel alone in the crowd or without clear next steps. We believe you deserve to be welcomed, seen, known, and walked with. We understand that making friends at church can be hard which is why, since 1883, we have been helping people connect into life-giving community. Here’s how we do it: We invite you to attend a Connecting at Coker Class and we invite you to join a group and/or class within Coker. Spring Class information is listed below, register for the class(es) that best fit your schedule & interest! If you are new to Coker, register HERE for our next Connecting at Coker Class.


Online: Pre-Service Prayer
Led By: Brittney Knight & Jenn Clauser
Days, Time, Location: Sundays, 8:30 AM, Online: Zoom
Overview: We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit in protecting the church and moving it forward. Every Sunday morning we join in prayer over the services for that day, all who hear the word of God, and over our church as a whole. All are welcome, join the team of prayer warriors as little or as often as you’d like.
Contact: Jenn Clauser,
Register: HERE

In-Person: Coker Kids & Coker Youth
For details on Coker Kids and Coker Youth Sunday Morning happenings, contact Family Ministries Director, Cheryl Kendall at 

Online & In-Person: Sunday School Classes
Led by: Various Teachers
Sunday school classes are currently meeting throughout the day on Sundays and throughout the week. For times, days, log-in details, and to know which class is a good fit for you- reach out to


ONLINE: Continuation of The Good and Beautiful God
Class Led By: Elaine Hitzfelder
Days, Time, Location: Mondays, 9-10:45 AM, Online: Zoom
Materials: The Good and Beautiful God (3 Book Series, Fees Apply)
Overview: THE GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL GOD is the first book in the Apprentice Series, which along with three other titles forms ‘a curriculum for Christlikeness’. THE GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL GOD focuses on the character of God and how we can move into a life of intimacy with him.
Contact: Elaine Hitzfelder

Led By: Carol Churchill
Days, Time, Location: Mondays- Jan 25th-Apr 26th, 1-3 PM, In-Person: Wesley 703/704.
Materials: Grief Recovery Curriculum, $20 for required workbook (Scholarship may be available).
Overview: This group provides support and strengthening for anyone experiencing grief from the loss of a loved one.
Contact: Carol Churchill
Register: HERE


ONLINE: Faith Through The Eyes of Film
Led By: Dr. Mark Humphrey
Days, Times, Location: Tuesdays- Beginning Jan 19th, 7 PM, Online: Zoom
Overview: Join us for meaningful discussions about how our faith can be deepened by thought-provoking films.
Register: HERE


ONLINE Class: Women’s Morning Bible Study
Led By: Denise Sprague
Time, Dates, Location: Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30 AM
Materials: TBD
Overview: TBD
Contact: Denise Sprague
Register: HERE

ONLINE Bible Study
Led By: Paula Fredrickson
Wednesdays, 1:00-2:00p
Overview:  Study explores the Holy Spirit’s empowerment of believers, Jesus’ instructions to disciples, Pentecost and the subsequent explosion of Christianity to the world.
Class Materials: Wordgo free app on phone or tablet
Contact Paula Fredrickson for details, at: or 210-490-1983
Register: HERE

ONLINE or IN-PERSON Why Believe in Jesus’ Resurrection (Midweek Manna, Pastors’ Class) 
Led By: Rev Damon Relder, Rev Adam Knight, and additional invited teachers
Days, Times, Location: Wednesdays- April 7th-May 5th, 6:30 PM, Online: Zoom, In-Person: Room TBD
Materials: Required book – Why Believe in Jesus’ Resurrection
Overview: Regarded by believers as the foundation stone of their faith, and as a stumbling block by those who struggle to believe, the resurrection of Jesus lies at the heart of the Christian gospel. James Dunn sets out clearly and fairly the arguments surrounding Jesus’ resurrection, and explains why most scholars think that the weight of historical evidence points in its favor.
Contact: Pastor Damon
Register: HERE


ONLINE: Study on the book of Daniel
Led By: Rev Damon Relder w/ Small Group Discussions Led by Les & Candy Mallonee
Days, Time, Location: Thursdays- Jan 14th-April 22nd, 10:30 AM, Online: Zoom
Materials: Required text – Daniel, from the Life Change series published by NavPress.
Overview: In this 12 week study we will examine the biblical book of Daniel, considered one of the minor prophets. A story filled with intrigue, prophecy and miraculous events, there are lessons to be learned for any disciple of Jesus Christ. Each class will be on Zoom only, with a full group meeting to begins each class, then split into two separate Zoom rooms led by Candy And Les Mallonee for small group discussion, then back to the full class for a few final words.
Contact: Pastor Damon
Register: HERE

ONLINE: Healing Prayer Ministry Equipping Course: Free to be Like Jesus
Led By: Rev Tommy Hays
Materials: Optional: “Free to be Like Jesus” By Tommy Hays
Days, Time, Location: Thursdays- Jan 28th-April 1st (Plus Retreat Days April 15th & April 29th), 1 PM, Online: Zoom
Overview: Jesus came to bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free, as He proclaimed the coming of the Kingdom of God (Isaiah 61; Luke 4). As the Father sent the Son, so the Son sends us (John 20). We’re called to prepare the way of the Lord. In this course we will learn the God given biblical and spiritual principles to be whole and free, so we can minister His blessings of wholeness and freedom to others through the power of prayer. The course will begin with teaching and instruction before participants are sent to break-out rooms to practice healing prayers with one another.
Contact: Jenn Clauser
Register: HERE

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