Adults Sharing Faith and Sharing Life

Coker is committed to the continued spiritual growth and maturity of Adults and their families. Sundays are an obvious place for Adults to connect with one another, but there is so much more offered by Coker to fit into the daily lives of everyone.

Sunday School Classes

We encourage you to take get involved in a Sunday School Class and also find a Small Group that fits your life stage or interests. Your involvement will build strong relationships with others and more importantly grow your faith in Jesus Christ.

Sundays / Sunday School Classes at 9:30am

United Methodist Women

United Methodist Women or UMW is a service organization with mission outreach, spiritual growth, education and fellowship as primary goals. Coker UMW has five circles planned to meet varied interests and to accommodate all women at different ages and stages of life. All circles come together about six times per year for large group meetings. It’s best to check the monthly Coker calendar for those meeting times. For more information, please contact the church office at 210-494-3455 or Caroline Tedor at

United Methodist Men

Gain connection to a network of Christian men through the United Methodist Men (UMM). The mission of the United Methodist Men (UMM) is To Help Men Grow In Christ, So Others May Know Christ. Men lead others best by modeling Jesus Christ in thoughts, words and deeds- and as a result men grow deeper in their walk with Christ and lead others to Christ. Globally, the UMM partners with organizations like the Boy Scouts of America, the Girl Scouts, The Upper Room Prayer Center, Mobility Worldwide and others. Our local chapter hosts weekly morning Bible Studies & fellowship; in addition to an annual golf tournament in October every year. Last year the tournament raised over $20,000 to be used for worthwhile causes. For more information on the UMM contact Coker’s church office at 210-494-3455 or Tom Ellis at

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