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Healing Prayer Service | In-Person or Online Via Zoom
In-Person: Aug 29th, 6:30 PM, Coker Sanctuary
Via Zoom: Aug 30th, 6:30 PM, Zoom.us/my/cokerumc, password: coker
(Zoom Meeting ID is: 388-852-5247, pswd: coker)
The Lord invites all who are burdened to come to Him. At 6:30 PM on Aug 29th & 30th we are making the space- in-person first, and then online- and will have the prayer team available to pray healing prayers over you (for both inner and physical healing). We will begin with a time in worship, declare of Jesus as our Savior & Healer, hear a message of hope, continue into a time of corporate prayer, and then if you would like individual prayer you can join the prayer ministers in the room on the 29th or online on the 30th for individual prayer. The service will be offered in person the first night, and on Zoom the second. Both services will be similar- so you can join in the one you are most comfortable in.
Please Direct Questions to: Communications@coker.org
“El servicio será en Inglés, pero habrá también un tiempo de oración personal tanto en Inglés como en Español.“

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