Giving at Coker

Whether you give to Coker by cash, check, bank draft, or online giving, there are expenses the church incurs to process your contribution. Bank fees associated with debit or credit card contributions are approximately 2.5%. If you choose to increase your giving to cover these fees, the entire amount given would be reflected as a tax-deductible contribution on your quarterly Record of Giving. However much you choose, and whatever method you choose to give, please know that every gift is gratefully received and wisely used.

Make Your Online Donation

Text Giving

Donations may now be made to any special or current Coker fund through text giving from a cell phone. The Coker text-giving unique phone number is: 210-775-4336

  1. Type in Coker’s unique number and in the text message type in the amount you wish to give and press send.
  2. If you are a first-time text giving donor, you will be sent a secure URL.
  3. Click on the URL to register your credit or debit card information, and your donation will process. You will receive a confirmation text back.
  4. If you only text a monetary value, the funds will got to the Coker general fund. (50 = $50 goes to general fund)
  5. If you text a monetary value AND fund name, the funds will apply to that fund. (50 Habitat = $50 goes to Habitat Fund). Once you have set up your registration, you need only text an amount and fund name to the Coker text giving number.