“Who’s in your 10?” Identify your 10 and pray for them. Be intentional about gathering in Worship with your 10- whether that is completely online, in person, or a hybrid approach. Reach out to Communications@Coker.org if you need a Zoom Log-In for your group.

-Other Families
-Your Current Small Group (Examples: Sunday School Classes, Coker Leadership Institute Classes, Wesley Groups, United Methodist Men, United Methodist Women, Etc).
*Please Note: For anyone gathering, it is advised that you take proper precautions, practice social distancing of being 6′ apart, wear face masks, wash your hands often, and avoid touching your face, eyes, or mouth. If you are sick, do not attend. If you are in the vulnerable population it is still advised that you participate in groups online rather than in person. 

-In a host home
-In a backyard or driveway
-Around a fire pit
-In a local park that is open (preferably one with wifi access)
-Outside of a local coffee shop
-Get creative on your location, anywhere you can spread out
-If you would like a space at the Church, contact Laura.Pettit@coker.org 

Open with a word of prayer, livestream the Coker Worship Services, and then have a small discussion after worship over what you heard.

Online Worship
Note: Worship times are LIVE at 9:30 & 11 AM on Sunday Mornings, however, the services are also archived (immediately on YouTube & Facebook, and later in the week on Coker.org and Vimeo), so if your group prefers to gather over dinner or another time, feel free to! Links below:
YouTube- Coker Church
Facebook- Coker UMC
Live- Web- Coker.Org/Livestream
Archived- Vimeo
Archived- Web- Coker.Church

Coker@Home (Individual, Family, and/or Small Group Study Guides)
Accessible online at Coker.org/CokerAtHome
Let us know how we can be in prayer for you: Coker.org/Pray

Continue growing in closeness with your group of 10, by creating “Bands.” Bands are groups that encourage each other to grow in Jesus Christ through conversations and accountability. Details are outlined in the devotional “Awaken: From Dry Bones to the River of Life” By: JD Walt. READ MORE HERE: Bands