This is Our Time

For a while, we have been sensing that upgrades need to be made to our campus in order to continue to do ministry well at Coker. Therefore, we surveyed our worship congregations. We carefully listened to what each worship community shared.

Our Coker worship congregations are all growing and all have needs in order to continue to worship well. For the first time, we own our property and we want to be sure to steward our property well and provide for the needs of all of our worship congregations.

We are seeing new, young, diverse families hungry for authentic Christian connection. A Family Life Center will provide a multi-use place for all to connect. Traditional worshippers are eager to have updated HVAC, adequate audio, and more. We are eager to bring glory to God by caring for our Church.

This the time to update our facilities to equip us now and prepare for what God is doing for generations to come.



The Need: Improving the worship and gathering experience.

  • Rector Building Revitalization for Coker kids and students.
  • Gym transformation into a Family Life Center for flexible multi-use space.
  • Sanctuary infrastructure upgrades (HVAC/audio-visual) for an enhanced worship experience.

The Numbers: Seeking to raise $2.5 Million Dollars.

Funds will support:

  • Architect & Design fees
  • Construction documents
  • General Contracting
  • Construction
  • Sanctuary air conditioning
  • Multimedia Upgrades
  • Furnishings and decor
  • Updated Monument Sign

Why Now?

Watch our message series, on-demand, to learn more about the vision of the church:

1. Kairos Moment – CLICK HERE
2. A Foundation for the Future – CLICK HERE
3. We are the Church – CLICK HERE

Get Involved.

You can be involved by:

1. Learning more about the project.
2. Prayerfully considering what God is asking you to give.
3. Searching your heart for your financial commitment.
4. Making a financial commitment.
5. Giving according to your commitment.


How Can I Find Money to Give?

Here are a few ways you can work giving into your budget, a little bit goes a long way!

-Eliminate 1 meal out per week, Invest: $35 Weekly, $1,820 Yearly, $5,460 over 3 years
-Eliminate 1 coffee (or drink) out per week, Invest: $4 Weekly, $208 Yearly, $624 over 3 years
-Donate on behalf of a loved one for a Christmas Gift!
Look at where cost savings can easily happen over the next three years!



1 Chronicles 17:23-24

And now, Lord, let the promise you have made concerning your servant and his house be established forever. Do as you promised, so that it will be established and that your name will be great forever.




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