On my knees in my closet, I heard myself pray the words, “not my will but yours be done…” such an obvious prayer and a revelation all at the same time. After watching the movie, “War Room” I felt a nudge to pray like that, and while working through the book “Battle Plan for prayer” I felt a nudge to see a transformation like that. In that moment, through those words, I knew that until that point I had not fully surrendered to God.

Sure I prayed, but my prayers fell more into the “Help me help you” category. Prayers like “please help us find a nice house, in a safe neighborhood, and maybe we can be good people by hosting some Bible Studies there…” Suddenly changed, radically, into “send my family and I anywhere you want us to go, anywhere.” I left the prayer closet changed, I looked the same on the outside, but on the inside I could hear my heart on fire, “Jesus I’m all in.”

Over the next couple of years, Jesus refined me, peeling off old beliefs and past hurts, and replacing them with biblical truths. I am loved, and I am to share his love. He equipped me with being able to apply his word to real life, with being able to make meaningful connections, and being able to see the big picture. He placed experiences in my path and desires in my heart that led me to want to do ministry work, and then he opened the door for me at Coker.

I’ve been the director of Communications for almost a year and part of my job is to tell people how wonderful Coker is, which I wouldn’t be able to do unless it was the truth. I’ve seen an invasion of the Holy Spirit. I’ve been drawn closer to God. I’ve seen miracles through prayer. I’ve felt welcomed, and I’ve felt love that is only comparable to sitting in my Granny’s living room as a child.

My family is loved on spiritually and in-person. Conversations are raw, open, honest, authentic and even if we have differing opinions, everyone is heard and loved equally. Anywhere you go within the Body of Christ (any church family) has it’s flaws- but when you find the one that loves you fiercely, it is pretty close to heaven on earth. James, our daughters, and I are happy to feel welcomed, I Am @CokerUMC.