Why DO I go to church? I was talking to my son about why it is important to go to church and I had to stop and think about what my advice to him would be. You see, my husband Jorge and I also attend Bible Study Fellowship where we go deep into the word. Knowing my son has limited time, of the two which would I recommend? I finally decided that I would want him to go to church. My hope is that after attending worship services for a while, he would be positioned to be open to the Holy Spirit’s calling.

What I want most for him is to become involved in the body of Christ, in our Coker family, because by doing so he truly extends his family. We have been members of Coker since we moved to San Antonio in 2001. Over the years we have had the privilege of being involved in many ministries within Coker. As we joined a Sunday school class and made new friends, we went on the spiritual retreat Walk to Emmaus which challenged us to act out our faith. Through Emmaus we are now a part of a community that encourages each other as we meet several times a year to worship and fellowship. We are meeting again on October 14th at East St Paul UMC in a gathering of over 100 fellow believers for a pot-luck and worship.

We have taught in our Sunday school class and in the children’s classes. We have helped with the Joshua Build for Habitat for Humanity. We are also currently leading the Financial Peace University class that started Oct 3rd with over 10 couples looking for Financial Freedom through Biblical principles. This has allowed us to help other families gain control over their money which also results in better communication and stronger marriages.

That is why I am at Coker. Not to busy myself, but to be involved in areas with lasting Kingdom impact. I am surrounded by people who LOVE THE LORD and want to live lives that please and honor Him. They have decided that they are to be His hands and feet to show His love to the world- and we have too. That’s way I Am at Coker.