As we near the completion of Hispanic Heritage Month (mid-September through mid-October), we celebrate those among us whose heritage ties them to Spain, Spanish speaking Central American nations, South America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. These people from many nations and traditions bring a wide range of rich cultural experiences into our churches.

The Hispanic and Latino people have been present in our nation and in our church for generations and their numbers continue to grow. Already the fastest-growing population in the United States, their numbers are projected to double in the next 10 years.

In The United Methodist Church, we celebrate the presence of Hispanic and Latino members among us along with the gifts, service, and witness they bring to our communities of faith. Sometimes we do this by making opportunities for cultural experiences, moments of prayer, or singing together. We celebrate contributions and bridges built while singing the songs we were all created to sing, each voice blending into beautiful harmony reflecting the image of our Creator.

Coker has had a relationship with the Mexico Methodist Church for a few years now.  However, during this time of the pandemic, Coker en Español has had a deeper reach in Mexico, and Pastor David has had an opportunity to be a guest speaker in numerous churches in and around Mexico City.

Pastor David led a session for a membership class in Gante Methodist Church, a Bible study for a church in Puebla, and was a guest speaker with young adults talking about mission and outreach, with the national gathering of Methodist men, and with a conference wide missions and outreach event.

In December, we plan to have a joint Advent Bible study with churches in and around the Mexico City area.

Please join us in celebration and prayer for our brothers and sisters of Hispanic Heritage and over the partnership we have with the Mexico Methodist Church.