Generosity Journey | November 2023


Many of you are in support of where Coker is headed and have asked us more about where generosity fits into a faith walk. When it comes to generosity, not everyone is in the same place in their generosity journey. So, over the past couple of years, our lay leaders, pastors, and staff members have mapped out what a generosity journey looks like, in order to better help everyone understand where they are on the map. Visit to see a video from Pastor Adam where he talks about each point on the Generosity Journey map: Emerging Giver, Growing Giver, Storehouse Giver, and Legacy Giver. We hope you will find this video and guide helpful as you move through your journey of discipleship here at Coker Methodist Church. If you are ready to pledge your giving amount for 2022, you can do so in the form online, by bringing your pledge card to worship, or by dropping a pledge card in the mail (If you need a paper pledge card please email


For the video, details, and to make giving plans for 2024, please visit: