Sunday Bible Study and Fellowship for Adults

Sunday Bible Study and Fellowship for Adults

Classes for Adults – 9:30 am and 10:45 am (Sermon Talk)

BECOMERS / Wesley 704

For couples and singles with children and grandchildren, this class features Bible studies interspersed with studies of Christian issues. The class includes shared teaching and guest speakers. With mission minded, service-oriented members, the class has monthly fellowships and an annual retreat.

FELLOWSHIP / Wesley Building Room 803

All are welcome in this class for friends and families of faith-based Biblical principles and Christian fellowship. A variety of studies are led by volunteer class members as well as invited outside speakers. These are designed to encourage discussion, sharing, and life application principles to enrich our relationships and faith. Social activities are planned to encourage Christian friendship and connection. 

KOINONIA / Wesley Building Room 802

A mixed group of active adults, this class of rotating teachers, uses contemporary works and Bible to prepare for Christian living. Prayer and lively discussions build a great sense of community. Some of the ministries supported are Habitat for Humanity, Christian Assistance Ministry, Food Pantry, and Mission Outreach projects.

NEW SPIRIT / Wesley Building Room 804

Couples/singles of all ages are welcome. The class focus is “to deepen our faith through a better understanding of the Bible and fellowship with fellow Christians.”

QUESTORS / Coker Chapel

This is an adult class made up of senior adults, singles, and couples. Questors meets in the Chapel.  Currently, lessons are Bible versed and Paul Burroughs, a retired Air Force Chaplin, is the Class speaker.  On occasion both members and Guest speakers teach when Paul is not available.

JOHN WESLEY / Wesley Building Room 703

For Senior adults, this class uses and International Bible Study series. Teachers will alternate, and class enjoys great fellowship, mutual support, and many socials.

WOMEN OF FAITH / Wesley Building Room 805

For women of all ages and stages of life. Lessons follow the weekly Lectionary scripture text using the Upper Room Disciplines or topical studies, with special studies for Advent and Lent. The class includes small group discussions and sharing prayer joys and concerns, along with occasional social activities.


All ages regardless of location or Bible familiarity are welcome to use Zoom to study scripture at 9:30 am CST.  Volunteer discussion leaders rotate and all participants share thoughts and insights.

SERMON TALK / Wesley 703

Worship Together at 9:30 then head to Wesley 703 for a get-together and deeper dive into the message. One of the best ways we care for our own souls, and learn to care for the souls of those around us, is to be in intentional communal conversation about the things of God that we are exploring as a church. Each week our pastors prepare messages that are submitted for the Holy Spirit’s use in our lives through our worship services. With biblical scripture as our anchor, we take time to unpack and open ourselves to what God may have spoken in worship by sharing thoughtfully about those messages and listening to what God would share through others.


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