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Construction of the Coker Columbarium is nearing completion! The Consecration of Coker Columbarium is scheduled for June 12, 2022.  The Consecration Service in the Columbarium will be 9:30 AM, with all Columbarium purchasers invited.  Following the 11 AM worship service, there will be an Open House in the Columbarium for all members of the church and community.  Later, at 3:30 pm, we will have the Inurnment Service for the families with loved ones who are to be placed in the Columbarium, with urns either being moved from the Interim Columbarium cabinets in the Chapel or brought from home.  There will be a procession of the families carrying the urns from the Chapel to the Columbarium, followed by the pastors placing the individual urns in their final resting places.  Assistance with carrying the urns will be available. Contact Gail.Hatcher@coker.org for details.

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