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If you have accepted Christ into your life, God has given you gifts of the Holy Spirit. Those gifts, when used together, make up a properly functioning body of Christ. You may wonder how you know what gifts God has given you. Coker has partnered with an online Spiritual Gifts platform so that you can take a 10 minute test that will help identify your God-given gifts. You can access the test online at: Coker.org/spiritualgiftstest or if that link does not work, you can try https://spiritualgiftstest.com/spiritual-gifts-test-landing/). Once complete, you can hold results for your own knowledge or share them with us by e-mailing your top 3 to CokerSpiritualGifts@gmail.com (we will add them to your church profile and alert you when volunteer opportunities arise that fit your gifts).

Please send any questions to Communications@coker.org

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