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“Study of Joshua”
Fall Women’s Bible Study by zoom facilitated by Paula Fredrickson
Wednesdays at 1-2 pm (homework begins on September 14th)
Zoom ID: 964 3850 6825

Register online here:  Wednesday Bible Study

Joshua’s story is marked by God’s power, presence and promise-keeping work.  Under Joshua’s leadership, the people saw thrilling miracles, success, failure, judgment, restoration, reward and rest.  But God’s greatest gift to Joshua as he led God’s people was an unwavering love for God.  Because of who God is, revealed in this Bible book, we can trust him completely. HIS Word tells one seamless story of one perfect hero-Jesus, the Deliverer.  Like Israel, we have a choice:  Who will we trust?  The promise: faithful God will bring us home and grant us rest.

Materials: We will use the free app, Wordgo, which may be used on a smartphone or tablet.  The study includes 5 days/wk of individual scripture study, 2-3 questions, optional study notes, and one weekly audio lecture, all contained in the app and completed at the participant’s convenience. The program customizes the material to the amount of time (10, 15, or 30 minutes/day) each participant chooses.

For more information, questions or to register, email Paula Fredrickson: lynnf265@gmail.com

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