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Never before, in our lifetimes, have we experienced such a protracted period of crises. And never before have we experienced such a profound opportunity for awakening. On Feb 17th we have a unique opportunity to join together, with thousands of others who draw faith in Jesus Christ, for a special Ash Wednesday Service brought to you by New Room. The evening will include a time of learning, lamenting, repentance, and will close with a concert of prayer.

Register online HERE

Once you have registered, New Room will send you a list of livestream log-ins and further instructions, or you can access the livestream link HERE. A list of in-home worship items is below:

Please have the following- Your Bible, a notepad to write down notes, or perhaps to record prayers that you want to pray during the lenten season, a candle. We suggest lighting the candle at the beginning of the evening and then during the time for the imposition of ashes blow out the candle.  After it cools for a moment rub the wick between your fingers and use the debris as ash to mark your own and/or your families foreheads.  Another option for this is to gather some dirt from your yard or a potted plant and mix with a little bit of water.

It is our hope this this evening is a meaningful experience for you and that it launches us into a transformative time during this lenten season.

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