**Church will be online and we will add an in-person option beginning Septmeber 20th at 9:30 & 11 AM in the Sanctuary**
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Updates to this page were made: at 11 AM – September 18, 2020

Our online services are live-streamed at 9:30 & 11 AM (Coker En Español at 11 AM).
Church services will resume meeting in-person on Sept 20th at 9:30 & 11 AM
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Sunday School Classes are meeting via Zoom & in-person, please contact your Sunday School leader for details on accessing the Zoom log-in, room number, notes, or conversations online.

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Coker Family Ministries for Youth and Children have varied ways of connecting (in person and online).
Coker Nursery will be open for in-person worship services.
Coker Kids has in-person “Discovery Kids” (which is Sunday School) on Sunday Mornings at 9:30 & 11 AM
Coker Kids has online “Discovery Kids” on Sunday Afternoons at 2 PM
Coker Youth will begin meeting in-person on Sunday mornings in early October. On select Sunday Evenings the Youth gather in Coker Park. Youth also have “Connect Wednesdays” for Middle-School, HS Boys, and HS Girls, which are small group meetings in select homes.
Your child or youth are welcome to join in at any time!
Contact Family Ministries for details.

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Coker Early Learning Center is re-opened, with safety precautions in place, please contact Charla for details.
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Coker’s health and wellness center continues to offer food services on Thursdays. The clothing closet is not currently open, and we are not able to take donations of plastic bags. We have increased sanitation and cleaning. We have also increased sanitation procedures for clients and volunteers so that we can continue distributing these much needed items. Clients are still using a drive-thru system to receive their food. Donations are still being accepted and all of our clients are very thankful for being able to receive much needed items. We are accepting monetary donations for school supplies for our backpack give-away (you can visit Coker.org/donate to give online). Note: The Pastor’s Benevolence Fund Meetings continue as well.
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Our Pastors are available to meet in-person with social distancing and masks in place. They are also available talk on the phone or Zoom. If you are in need of prayer or Pastoral Care, please contact Barbara Keeper. Specify if you need to be added to the prayer list or if you need to talk with a Pastor. These times are anxious and sensitive and while we put our full faith and trust in Jesus, we are happy to join you in prayer where needed.
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Our Top Three best practices are as follows:
1. Wear a Mask (as of July 2nd, masks are required indoors & outdoors in public places, in counties where the COVID numbers exceed 20 cases).
2. Keep a social distance of 6′ or more from one another
3. Limit indoor congregating (this includes limiting time and/or capacity, booking in larger spaces, etc).

While things can feel uncertain, know that God is in control. Our goal around monitoring in-person gatherings is to keep everyone safe. The Task Force will continue to meet every two weeks to evaluate and make adjustments as needed. Some additional best practices are:
-Follow Credible News Sources, a few are listed below. An individual’s opinions, bias research, and social media page may not be as credible as going to the sources directly (Like the NIH, World Health Organization, Etc.)
-Stay home if you or someone in your home is sick (until fever free for 24 hours).
-Wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer.
-Pray. Pray for each other, our city, health care professionals, and those who are sick or at risk.
-Praise. Thank God for the provisions He has already put in place.

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