As our world continues to navigate the rise in cases of the coronavirus, we want to take necessary precautions in order to keep our people safe until the threat level begins to decrease. You can check this page often for updates in worship times, places, and how you can connect to Coker in person and virtually.

Updates to this page were made: at 4 PM – March 16, 2020

Until further notice, worship services will be held via livestream ONLY at 9:30 & 11 AM. Please tune in from home through one of the links below. (Note: There will be no LIVE services, only services online at 9:30 & 11 AM on Sunday). Sunday School Classes are paused as well. Please contact your Sunday School leader for details on accessing notes or conversations online.We will hold a pre-service prayer time to pray over the services at 9 AM on Sundays via Zoom.

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Until further notice, Mid-week manna and all on-campus gatherings (including small groups, support groups, etc) are on pause.
Note, our Red Letter Life Bible Study class is offered online Wednesday & Thursday, 6:30 PM.
Log-in information is as follows:

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Coker Family Ministries for Youth, Children, and babies are following the NEISD protocols for closures. However, our ministers are available via phone, text and Facetime if you need to talk. Online classes or meet-ups may be arranged (details to come).
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Coker Early Learning Center is following the NEISD protocols around the Coronavirus.
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Coker’s health and wellness center continues to offer services on Thursdays. We have increase sanitation and cleaning. We have also increased sanitation procedures for clients and volunteers so that we can continue distributing these much needed items. Clients and Volunteers are using hand sanitizer before & after signing in. Some food is being distributed outside. Clients are being asked to receive their food in their car and/or stand a reasonable distance from one another. Donations are still being accepted and all of our clients are very thankful for being able to receive much needed items. Note: The Pastor’s Benevolence Fund Meetings will not take place until further notice. We will keep eyes and ears open for ways we can serve our community during this time.
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Our Pastors are available to talk on the phone or facetime. If you are in need of prayer or Pastoral Care, please contact Barbara Keeper. Specify if you need to be added to the prayer list or if you need to talk with a Pastor. These times are anxious and sensitive and while we put our full faith and trust in Jesus, we are happy to join you in prayer where needed.
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While things can feel uncertain, know that God is in control. Pandemic Viruses increase in numbers before peaking and then going back down. Our goal is to keep everyone safe until the number of cases peaks and then the number of cases begin to decline. Until then, as Christians and citizens here are a few things we can do:
-Follow Credible News Sources, a few are listed below. An individual’s social media page may not be as credible as going to the sources directly (Like the NIH, World Health Organization, Etc.)
-Stay home if you or someone in your home is sick (until fever free for 24 hours).
-Wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer.
-Rather than shake hands, fist bump or bump elbows.
-Pray. Pray for each other, our city, health care professionals, and those who are sick or at risk.
-Praise. Thank God for the provisions He has already put in place.

How can we be different than those who are fearful? 
-Shine your light. Yes, make preparations, but be calm in doing so. Then when people comment and say “Why are you not worried.” You can respond and tell them about your faith in Jesus.
-Teach a friend how to shop online, or how to access our services online.
-Ask people who may be concerned, how you can pray for them.
-Invite some friends to go through an online bible study with you.
-Set aside time on your schedule to pray and fast for all the people around the world that are affected.
-Send someone a message, article, or song that might be encouraging to them at this time.
-Contact your local school about helping underprivileged children with lunches if school is postponed.

When In-Person Gatherings Resume
-We will continue with the necessary sanitation processes. We will discuss worship modifications (including altering communion, passing of the offering plates, etc). We will inform you of updates when that time comes. Until then stay safe, enjoy time with family, and stay in prayer and in The Word. See You all ONLINE!

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