The worship team of Coker puts on a “garment of praise” when performing in the AT&T Center, performing in New York City, performing pieces from well-known composers, worshiping at Emmaus Gatherings, and singing praises in the San Antonio community. This picture shows an acoustic set at Dinner Church. Our outreach ministry is taking the love of Jesus to the streets through fresh expressions. Cafecito en la Calle serves Coffee and donuts to those passing through the via bus station on their morning work commute. Dinner Church takes church outside the walls of Coker and into places like Larkspur park and Las Chiladas. All of this is to reach people where they are and to share the love of Jesus.

Our worship team doesn’t limit itself to the English Language, but worship in Spanish as well.

Coker has many ways to gather in community, including our Choirs, Emmaus Group, United Methodist Women, United Methodist Men, Coker En Español, Coker Kids, Coker Students, Adult Bible Studies, Small Groups, Wesley Groups, Online Studies, through our Coker Early Learning Center, and others…

We are raising a banner for the nations and praying for God to clear the way, to let new people flood in, so we can all go out in the name of Jesus proclaiming the good news, and making an IMPACT.

For more information on making an IMPACT with Coker, contact