Fake News: Week 2, “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”

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John 3:25-30 NIV


It’s a natural thing for us to want to seek success. But what do we do when we realize that maybe we are defining success wrong? Success in the Kingdom of God looks different than it does in the world – and that’s what John the Baptist is trying to teach his disciples in John 3.


How familiar are you with this scripture passage?
What surprises you in the story of John and his disciples?


Going Deeper

Why do you think it bothered John’s disciples so much that Jesus was baptizing people now?
In vs. 27 John says, “A person can receive only what has been given to him from heaven.” What do you think this means? What was John given from heaven?
In vs. 29 John says that it is his joy to be the attendant for the groom (Jesus). Why does he say this?
Read Proverbs 28:26, how does that apply to this story of John?



Where do you need to redefine success in your life?
What disciplines do you practice to help put Jesus first in your life?
What is one thing you can do this week to point to Jesus?


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