Coker Families,

We enter the new year of 2020 with some exciting changes on our horizon! After much prayer and discernment, we have answered God’s call to streamline Coker’s ministries to better serve all our families, from birth through high school and beyond.

Our much-loved Student Ministries and Coker Kids’ Ministries have combined forces to become the new Coker Family Ministries! The mission of our Family Ministry is “To create a safe, irresistible environment that loves families, children and youth in the name of Jesus and leads them to love others in the same way, while planting seeds of spiritual growth that will impact them for a lifetime!”

Our new Family Ministries will consist of two directors: The Director of Family Ministries, Colton Willis, and The Director of Family Outreach, Cheryl Kendall. They will be assisted by 2 associates to operate within Coker Kids and 2 associates to operate within our Youth department. Wendy Pearson will continue in her role as one of the Associates in Coker Kids. The remaining three positions will be posted and hired in 2020. We will also be adding a Family Ministries Coordinator to create cohesion and consistency through managing the administrative needs for the entire team.

What does this mean for you? This means that we are putting families of all ages, stages and make-ups at the forefront of our minds as God has called us to do. We want to reach out, draw in, plant seeds and strengthen growth for the generations to come. With growth comes growing pains so please be patient as we continue to serve alongside you all while also hiring and training new associates within Coker.

Our goal as a church remains – to Love God, Serve Others and Change the World. With the new structure in place, it will allow time for Cheryl to be connecting people to people, both within the current congregation and beyond the membership of our church. While Colton will look to deepen the Biblical teachings and spiritual growth of families.

Please say a special prayer for all families God has lead and will lead to Coker, and for all those who will find the love of Jesus here.

Feel free to reach out to Colton or Cheryl with any questions.

Cheryl Kendall- Email
Director of Family Outreach

Colton Willis – Email
Director of Family Ministries