Jay Roten, Church Council Chairperson & Walt Wilson, Lay Leader & Meredith Chacon, Associate Lay Leader, share the following in the Church Conference Report…

“It is perhaps surprising that in the midst of so much uncertainty, Coker remains a beacon of hope in a world that desperately needs the peace that comes through God’s love. Pending UMC organizational changes, land sales, building and capital campaigns, and a growing congregation that is transitioning from a large to a very large category all present challenges. Despite these uncertainties, recent outside analysts have confirmed that Coker is a robust church with a particularly strong sense of community and service, worshipful music, superb emphasis on education and learning, and a good mix of dedicated pastoral and lay leadership.

Coker is in the midst of addressing the many challenges that will present themselves in the coming year and is developing new initiatives that will help us continue to grow God’s Kingdom. Without fear of external distractions, that growth will be inward (nurturing relationships within the congregation), upward (worshiping and drawing closer to God), and outward (shining God’s light into the world). God has a rich history of using Coker as an instrument of His love. The current generation of Coker members are prayerfully continuing that legacy to love God, serve others, and change the world…”

Read the entire report including Ministry Reports, Clergy Reports, and Lay Leadership Nominations, Here: 2019 CHURCH CONFERENCE REPORT-MASTER COPY